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The Other Path

29 Nov



Tor.com is holding a fun little six word story contest that I decided to submit to. This is my entry:

Fire engulfs Man. From ashes, monsters.

You can view more entries, or submit your own, here.


New Page: “Knowledge”

30 Apr


Hey guys. Just a quick notice about the fact that I took down the “Awesome Sites” page since it’s, y’know, useless. Yeah, pretty quick, huh? It’s close to being not even post-worthy. Hah! Post-worthy. Okay, tell you what, I really like you guys, but it’d be good if I had more readers so that more comments would show up down below, y’know? So, I’m going to do what the YouTubers do: click the “Follow” button and tell your friends about this place! QUICK! If we get enough people we can have whole discussions and stuff, start Skype chats, things like that. I dunno, I’m willing to do fun stuff if y’all will help me out. How’s about you leave any ideas in the comments below, yeah?

Okay, that’s everything. See ya!