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It’s That Time of the Menstrual Cycle Again…

28 Apr


…and I feel like promoting TitleCapitalization.com.

Okay, sorry if you found the titles vulgar, but I can’t help myself sometimes. What can I do to make it up to you? Oh, I know! I ‘ll show you disturbing fiction written by not-me! Pretty sweet, huh? No? You don’t like reading about children dying of hunger and dehydration while playing video games? Well, here, read about grown adults dying of hunger and dehydration while playing video games. God, what a way to go, eh? We’re living in something of a retrograde society, degenerating and destroying ourselves at every turn. Maybe we should do something about that, inquisitive-grunting-sound?

Hammered that one in pretty good, didn’t I?

You know, some people don’t find me funny. Lol, jk. Everyone, finds, me, funny, especially commas. HARHARHARHARHARSPACEBAR! Okay, let’s get real. We all saw the trailer for The Leftovers, amirite? No? You didn’t? Here, check it out real quick.

Feeling any déjà vu? Good, that means you’re clicking the links. Don’t click that one. Ugh, you already did? Bad, that means you’re not following instructions. Click that one. Ugh, you didn’t do it yet? Good, that means you’re cautious. Hah, you thought I’d say “bad,” but you were WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Also, feeling any déjà vu? Good, that means you’re reading the text.

Now that I have your attention, I’m going to gawk at the fact that my dad’s watching Veep. I NEVER thought I’d see that sh!t go down. Negat!ve-grunt!ng-sound, those fr!gg!n’ upside down !s are dr!v!ng me !nsane, so !nsane that I’m going to off!c!al!ze doing posts on the 28th of every month.

That probably j!nxed my post pattern, which has been pretty much accidental so far, but that’s okay. At least it fixed the Is, and made them bigger.



My Recent Meeting With Gus Bilirakis

16 Jan

Hey guys! It’s me, Liak (or if you saw the “Oldie But A Goodie” thing you probably know me as Dylan now). I just thought it’d be pretty cool if I told you all about my meeting with congressman Gus Bilirakis just yesterday. It was really cool and he answered a lot of interesting questions.

For one thing, he’s totally against the new Healthcare Bill, saying that if it passes it will be the beginning of a sort of “Socialistic Era” where the government is in complete control of everything. Even though it’s just one part of the country, it is the first step (is successful).

He also told us (being me and my class) about Guantanamo Bay, or “Gitmo” for short, to those of you who don’t know. He told us that when he went there it wasn’t at all what it was depicted as in movies and on the covers of magazines (a lot of those pictures on magazines were actually taken at Afghanistan apparently, and not at Gitmo). It isn’t a dungeon, but really a top notch facility where the prisoners receive proper treatment from their, for lack of a better term, captors. He said one of their favorite DVDs to watch is Seinfeld, and that if ever do they feel depressed they can go talk to somebody about there troubles (sort of like a psychiatrist without the drugs they use to kill their customers and the fake disorders that have no proof of existence. Just the listening to the problems part). He also mentioned that the method of interrogation known as water boarding has only been used twice in American history, though my memory fails me as to whether he said it was used in or out of Gitmo. The method they use there is really just asking questions and getting answers, and that the prisoners who leave and say they were tortured are liars.

He’s also against Cap & Trade for the very same reason as the Healthcare Bill. He said it would hurt small businesses a lot, and he also mentioned that there’s no real proof that humans are what’s really causing this climate change.

He gave us these lucky pennies too with the Bilirakis seal around them. He’s a Greek descendant so it was kind of a part of his tradition. They were cool coins, except whenever I want it to land on heads it lands on tails, and vice versa.

Anyhow, I’m hoping I’ll be able to do an internship in his office this summer. It would help with my writing carrier a lot to know what goes on in the world of politics first hand.