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I Was Going to Talk About Flight 370, But…

28 Mar


Nostalgia Critic

…I essentially decided that any jokes I made on the matter would be in bad taste (I think I said that correctly, grammatically speaking). So, instead, we’re going to have a quick discussion about monthly blog posts, and by “discussion” I mean I’m going to babble for an extended period of time and you’re just going to sit and listen (read).

Firstly, I will be doing blog posts whenever the hell I want, not just monthly. The fact that I am writing this on the 28th, the same day I did last time, is purely a coincidence (ish). There could be another one tomorrow, or a year from now. I write here when I feel like it, and when I like you. And I do like you right now, honestly. In fact, I like you so much that I’m going to give you a song to listen to. Like it? Great. Let’s remain on the same subject though, like we always do.

So, about these non-monthly blog posts, they’ll be about everything, but if you comment and give me something interesting, I’ll try and talk about that, and I’ll do so as intelligently as I can, which means this much. Oh, and if you send me something, try not to make it about religion or politics. I know I’ve analyzed them before, but I honestly don’t enjoy talking about them with others, as views tend to conflict in hostile ways when dealing with the two subjects. Instead, make it about spirituality or philosophy. There are many differences between religion and philosophy which should be accounted for. Know them.

Oh, also, I just wanted to say that, although I dislike the activities of the Westboro Baptist Church as much as the next guy…

this. That’s a response to Fred Phelps’ family requesting privacy and respect before his passing. Pretty touching, in my opinion.

One more thing about the non-monthly posts: I just want to make it clear why I have no exact system for getting posts out on here. I write here because I love it, not because it’s my job. And while I do enjoy my job, this I do for pleasure alone. If I were to establish deadlines, it wouldn’t be for fun anymore, it would be to please you, and that’s not what this is about. This is about love, and how much I hate tacos, and undedietd writing. I don’t alter these, honestly. Well, maybe a little, sometimes.

Okay, I’m not giving you a closing statement. I’m just going to leave. Hope they find that plane. Bye.