Ante Meridiem

2 May

Isaac and Ishmael were brothers once.

12:56 AM, 5/2/2013

Wow, you’re still here.

12:57 AM, 5/2/2013

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to write about. It’s tough when you have a bunch of stories stocked up, but you feel like you can’t just toss one out because of how valuable it might be.

12:58 AM, 5/2/2013

It’s a writer’s curse: we don’t want our stuff getting stolen. We’ve seen so many horror stories of people getting screwed in our industry that we assume the worst will happen to us.

12:59 AM, 5/2/2013

It’s a load. We shouldn’t be so nervous about it. I’ve blogged plenty of chapters of Ledge on here, and yet I feel apprehensive about you seeing a little tale I wrote when I was fifteen?

1:00 AM, 5/2/2013

Yeah, it’s a bit nonsensical, isn’t it? But it’s how we roll. We love our stories so much that some of us would literally die to protect them.

1:01 AM, 5/2/2013

We’re afraid because Michelangelo was right when he said, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

1:02 AM, 5/2/2013

And so, instead of chillin’ and relaxin’, actin’ all cool, shootin’ some B-ball outside o’ the school, we panic. This isn’t just me generating hyperbole about writers in order to entertain you. You don’t matter that much to me.

1:03 AM, 5/2/2013

Okay, maybe I do kind of care about you a little. Heh, yeah, now that I think about it, your reactions are what keep me from quitting this stupid blog.

1:04 AM, 5/2/2013

But that’s beside the point. We writers need security. It’s so damned annoying. Why should we give a flying fuck (pardon my Fre—actually, fuck that) who sees our work?

1:06 AM, 5/2/2013

Why should we get so caught up in whether you mere mortals will steal our ideas? Why should we care if our fellow writers do steal our ideas?

1:08 AM, 5/2/2013

Nobody complained when Star Wars stole from Greek Mythology, the Knights of the Round Table, World War II dogfights, etc. Why should we complain now. To hell with security! I’m going to post whatever I want, whenever I want, and if you steal it, fine, go ahead, I could care less.

1:11 AM, 5/2/2013

But maybe I’ll post that stuff I wrote tomorrow…

…or the next day…

…or the day after that…

…you know, savor it…



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