Ah, updates!

4 Jan

Yes, updates are here my friends! Well, my friend. Yes, keep checking in for new data concerning the remodeling of this here blog and I’m sure we’ll have a scrumptious afternoon drinking cherry juice and whatnot.

As you can probably tell, I’m very happy right now. I’m already writing the sequel to Ledge as it is soon to be published. The story is looking good! I think it’s funny how I wrote the first chapter and, when I was done, I went, “Huh……..well that’s weird…..why did I just finish writing the third chapter?” So then I started writing the new first chapter and I was like, “Huh……well that’s just strange. I’m writing the second chapter for some reason.” I swear, if the first chapter ends up being the last I write, I’m going to put a video of me dying of laughter up here. That’d be just rich.

Also, I’ll be able to talk about this other new job I’ve been up to soon, so that’ll be good. I want to be transparent, you know? I think I’ll put a C-Span camera up in my room and record every single action I take as the next–actually, I don’t want you to know what I’m doing over here. Go home. Get away from me. I’m fine without you.



Oh……and Happy New Year……or something……

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