Short Story: Trenton

22 Aug

Hey everybody! I just thought I’d throw something at you guys real quick. But first, an introduction to this particular piece of writing. I had to do a course in school about a year ago (I was fourteen) wherein I had to make a product and sell it to random people throughout the school. Most people made cookies or some other type of food; I wrote a short story in about four days. I sold quite a few copies and got reviews that ranged from 3/5 to 4/5. So you can call this article a slap in the face to them since you get to read it for free. I hope you enjoy it and if you think I should write the sequel, let me know in a comment. Ladies and gentlemen, here it is (click the link):

Trenton: Part One.

P.S.- If you find any errors, let me know in your review.

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