Great Praise Received!

12 Jul

I just thought I’d let all you readers know that I was recently in our school play Comic Book Artist and I played the villain. I unfortunately have no footage of our performance, but trust me when I say it’s nothing like the stuff you’ll find on YouTube (which I looked up by the way and most of it was so horrible it caused me physical pain). I had quite a bit of fun with it and so did the rest of the cast. We all received extremely high praise and to this day (this happened many weeks ago) I’m still getting congratulatory remarks about it. Playing Doctor Shock Clock was just so much fun, and I was told that when my henchmen (one of which was my little brother) and I did our first scene, the entire energy of the audience changed. Hearing that made me smile so hard it hurt. Anyhow, thanks for reading this quick post. I hope you enjoy my future writeups, and thanks for all of your support.

~D. Alexander~

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