21 Feb

My little brother recently invited me to watch him play paintball at PSI Xtreme Sports, a paintball/airsoft gaming area. After using the back door of the shop and entering the large setup area, my father and I walked over to the side of the city ball arena (city ball being paintball with wooden barriers). After only one game I was hooked and pulled out my wallet. I bought a jersey, got the extra rental equipment (helmet and pod holder (pod being an ammo pod)), my bro let me use his old gun, and I hopped onto the field.

My father and I formed some great strategies off the field, and then I executed them well. One of our strategies was carried out so well (by me leading half our squad) that we took out nearly everybody on their team, save one guy. Paintball is the single most exhilarating sport I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. The speed, the strategy, and the teamwork all make paintballing more exciting than any other activity. I love it.

Dylan Alexander

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